Last day in Lisbon and as many of you will know by now, we did not get the result we wanted. But as I always say – all you can do is control the performance. The outcome takes care of itself.

We did a great campaign, taking on candidates with significantly more budget and support. And our campaign was seen to be the most professional and comprehensive. I’m proud of what we did and the vision for tennis that we showed to the ITF and to the rest of the tennis world. Not one person criticised the vision outlined in the Together for Tennis – ITF Strong manifesto. Because it was the result of six months in listening mode. I’m proud of the support I received from so many tennis people in the world that I respect, especially from current and former top players and coaches. I am also proud of the team that helped me with my campaign. They know who they are.

I genuinely wish Dave Haggerty and the new ITF board the best for the future. I hope that he will take on board some of the things that I put forward and that the ITF can get back its rightful position in tennis. ITF strong!

I am lucky to have a lot of friends and a great family of three kids that are with me today in Lisbon. We will enjoy this evening and I may treat myself to a glass or three of red wine! Looking forward to it.

Tennis is a great sport. In my view it is the best one. There is a lot to do to compete with other sports and pastimes and I remain ready to contribute. 

Thanks again to all the people who followed the campaign and gave me the encouragement to keep going. 

It was a great journey and I have no regrets.

Together for Tennis. ITF strong!