I wrote seven books during my time at the ITF. 

As I reach the final days of my campaign, I was thinking that the last 10 months would make a great book!! What a fantastic and interesting journey. Seventy countries in five months meeting over 80 presidents face to face.

It was great to meet them and have a chance to explain my vision. But more important was to listen to what they want for tennis and the ITF in the future. Even the pleasure of sitting for two days in the lobby of a hotel in Madagascar as I was locked out of the African Tennis AGM.

I was touched by how much support I received from players, top coaches, tennis presidents and the tennis industry. It’s easier to believe in yourself when others that you respect do as well. 

I am very confident that the policies and vision in the manifesto –Together for TennisITF Strong– are the right ones for the ITF and for our great sport going forward. My manifesto belongs to so many of the people I met as it includes their ideas. The proof of its quality is that the ITF has not criticised or disagreed publicly with any part of it.

I am privileged to have so many friends and colleagues that have offered to be part of my campaign team for free. They know who they are. Great tennis people that know and love tennis….helping and supporting me along the way. Because they know if I am president that I can be a catalyst for positive change. I am not doing this for my ego, or for money. It’s because I think I can do something good for the sport that has given me so much.

I am a great believer in focusing on the performance. Then the outcome takes care of itself. My team have done an unbelievable job and I believe that the campaign and the multi lingual supporting materials have been very professional and very effective in sending my message.

I was 30 years an executive in tennis and so I will bring to the ITF President role hands-on experience in so many important areas.

I am heading to Lisbon tomorrow confident that I have good support for my policies. The vote is next Friday and I’m looking forward to being in Lisbon, to meeting up with old friends and to the last week of the campaign.

Together for Tennis- ITF Strong!