Two surprises this week that made me smile!

I am relatively new to tennis politics but the events of this week and the actions of one of my competitors in the ITF Presidential campaign did surprise me and make me smile.

First surprise was that current incumbent Dave Haggerty asked to present his ideas and vision to the Tennis Ireland Board last Saturday in a last minute effort to get them to vote for him and not to vote for me. I am pleased that the Tennis Ireland board, after listening to his presentation, voted unanimously to support my vision and to vote for me.

The smile came as I wondered did Mr Haggerty also ask to present to the Czech and the Indian Board to encourage them to vote for him and not Mr Kaderka and Mr Khanna? I also smiled as  I visualised myself presenting to the full USTA board in New York to encourage them to vote for me?!

Then last night, my National Olympic Committee President, Sarah Keane, received a letter from the US Olympic committee (see below) asking them to encourage Tennis Ireland to support Dave Haggerty and outlining all of his background and ideas and vision. The letter was copied to the Tennis Ireland President. I understand the same letter was sent to the NOC of every voting member attending the ITF AGM. This is serious pressure in favour of my fellow candidate as many smaller NOC’s will be influenced by this. 

I do not have the same resources at my disposal as my fellow candidate but I do have the power -a manifesto based on meetings with so many ITF presidents and with players, coaches, Grand Slams, Pro Tours and the tennis industry and a vision which is driven by what’s good for tennis and the ITF shareholder nations. That is my method to convince the ITF Presidents attending the AGM to vote for me and as I prepare to leave for Lisbon on Sunday, I remain confident that I have good support and will be successful.

Together for Tennis-ITF strong!