Leaving Kuwait this morning and heading home. Emergency exit – a happy traveller!

I had a productive three days. I attended the Davis Cup Group 3 in Athens last Saturday. The Greek tennis President, Spyros Zannias and his team did a great job with the organisation. It looked more like the venue of an ATP 250 and, with Stefanos Tsitsipas playing each day, it attracted big crowds. 

Poland won and Greece won promotion but of course Poland should not have been playing in group 3. They qualified in 2018 for group 1 only to find themselves victims of the new Davis Cup format. As I have said many times: it was too far too fast with not enough focus on the detail and the impact on lower divisions prior to the vote in Orlando.

From Athens I went to Kuwait and met the tennis president, His Excellency, Sheik Ahmed Al Sabah. We visited the new tennis centre which will be the new home of the federation and which is named after his father. 

I have known Sheik Ahmed since 1992 and he has worked tirelessly to have the centre constructed. Seven indoor courts and nine outdoor courts including a centre court. It will make a big difference to tennis in the region.

We finished the day with a press conference followed by a meeting with his board.

Home for a few days before heading to my last stop….ITF AGM Lisbon!