Dave Miley Tennis and Sports

International Tennis Consultant, Sports Development Consultant.


Dave Miley is from a tennis and music family and has a great passion and love for both. His mother was a classical musician and played violin in the Irish Symphony Orchestra for 40 years. His father was also an accomplished musician and an accountant in his day job.

Dave and his children pictured at Wimbledon

Dave’s grandfather played at the Championships in Wimbledon in 1927 and his grandfather’s brother played at Wimbledon in 1908 and 1910. His grandfather was also the first Davis Cup Captain of Ireland in 1923 when Ireland beat India before losing to France whose team included for the first time the 4 Musketeers (Lecoste, Borotra, Cochet and Brugnon).

Dave was born in Guyana and grew up until the age of 8 in Jamaica. He was introduced to tennis at age 9 in Ireland by his father and went on to capture three Irish National doubles championships and to play international tennis for Ireland.  He spent six years in University (three of which were spent on a tennis scholarship in the USA) and holds degrees in Business and Economics. He played on the men’s satellite professional tour for a short time before qualifying as a coach and eventually going on to work for the ITF for 25 years.

Dave has three children – Simon (32), Thirza (26) and Hugo (24). He was married to Daisy for 18 years before she died suddenly in 2000 when their children were aged 14, 8 and 6. 

Dave and his late wife Daisy

Dave lives in Wimbledon and was elected a member of the All England Club where he now plays his tennis. He has a home in Dublin beside the famous Fitzwilliam tennis club where he continues to be a member.

Whilst tennis is his passion, Dave is also an 18 handicap golfer and a member of Wimbledon Park Golf Club and also practices hot yoga three times per week in a studio near his home and in studios when travelling the world. He is also a big smooth jazz fan.


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