I’m back in London with my laundry sorted, Presidential manifestos put away and consigned to history and finally having the time to relax and to reflect on the events of the past year.

 I have already commented on the events of last week and I will not speak about the ITF elections today. For me the last nine month “sabbatical” from normal life was very interesting and I learned so much and I feel so much stronger for the experience. I have been humbled by the number of positive messages I have received from people involved in international tennis congratulating me for my campaign. It seems that I raised some important issues which will hopefully be followed up on by the international tennis leadership. Thanks again to everyone who supported me and encouraged me along the way.

 I am planning to take the month of October to unwind. I am planning some time in London with a few weekends away to nice European cities…..but this time for fun.

 Today I am announcing that my consultancy firm “Dave Miley Tennis and Sports Consultancy” is back in business and ready for the next challenge. 

I am full of energy to contribute to tennis and to sport. There is so much to do for tennis to compete with other sports and pastimes and we need to be continually looking to adapt the product to the needs and lifestyles of the customers, the players and the spectators. 

I have already had a few approaches to get involved in projects but I am going to take my time to decide what to accept. I am not driven by money and instead want to work on interesting projects with people that are passionate about tennis and sport. Coach education, tennis participation, high performance player development, management/leadership or just helping to make an organisation more effective and efficient. I’m open to offers.

 I’m off now to my hot yoga class at the studio near my house!