Tennis Ireland announced today (Thursday) their plans to support the candidacy of Dave Miley for ITF (International Tennis Federation) President and to nominate him for the position by the deadline of May 27. This follows previous support received from the Minister for Sport, Shane Ross TD.

“Mr Miley was informed of the Tennis Ireland Board decision to formally nominate him prior to the May 27 deadline and the Board wishes him well in his endeavours,” the Tennis Ireland statement reads.

miley2Dave Miley said today: “I was very pleased to receive the news from Tennis Ireland relating to my plans to stand for the election as ITF President next September. I appreciate very much the decision of the Tennis Ireland Board to nominate me for the position of ITF President before the deadline. In my 30-plus years involved in International tennis, I have always tried to be a good ambassador for Irish tennis and sport and I am looking forward, over the coming months, to conducting a very positive campaign with the good of tennis and the interests of the 200-plus member nations at the forefront.”

Dave Miley, a former Irish National Tennis Champion, worked for the ITF for 25 years as ITF Executive Director of Development in charge of the organisation’s biggest department and now works as a consultant for the Asian Tennis Federation. The election will be held in Portugal in September, 2019.