I am just heading back to London after a very nice weekend in Dublin where I have a second home.

I should have been in Malta this weekend for the Tennis Europe AGM but sadly I was prevented from attending the meeting because of the recently released ITF Code of Conduct that places travel restrictions on anyone that had declared their intentions to be a candidate for ITF President.

It was a pity as I was looking forward to the chance to discuss the issues related to the ITF and international tennis with the Presidents attending and to being able to articulate my ideas for both. The code is very different to the code that applied to the election campaign in 2015 when Dave Haggerty was elected President.

I see that Dave Haggerty attended and was involved in the various discussions about Davis Cup and the ITF World Tour.

In Dublin I met up with a few good friends including a former coach from my Indoor Tennis Centre owner days, Mark French. We haven’t changed much! I also did an interview for RTE, the national station, which will be aired over the next few days. I would have liked to be in Malta but I certainly made the best of the late change. Always nice to be back in Dublin.