Following the publication of my recent article on the ITF WORLD TOUR. I had some people suggest that my comments were because I did not like the idea of having an ITF WORLD TOUR.

Let me be clear. I love the idea of an ITF WORLD TOUR. I like the branding. I like the name and the link to the juniors. However, the way it has been structured is flawed and it has not taken account sufficiently of the players, the most important element-the customer.

In the end there was too much focus on the non tennis elements and not enough on what’s good for the players and for the game.

The ITF and the member nations that own it do so much good for tennis and most of the time do not get the recognition they deserve from the Tours and the higher level events. They pay for player development, the national ,regional and international junior events, entry level professional events, coach education, officiating training and much more. I value and respect all of that great investment in the health of our sport.

However this is about a transition tour pathway that has been put in place that will not work and about trying to put in place something will work better for players and event organisers alike.

The link to my article is here