I am sure that people out there are getting tired of my posts on this subject. I can assure you I am getting tired of writing them!

Hopefully this will be my last for sometime.


How can the problems with the new Tour be solved? Well I always believe in simple solutions where possible. Often the obvious is the greatest secret!

Short term:

• Immediately make the qualifying for 15k and 25k events up to 64 draw qualifying.

• Introduce 16 draw qualifying at the challengers.

Long term:

• Organise ASAP some meetings to look at more substantive changes for 2020/21 including looking at tangible ways to improve the transition by recognising other competitive pathways, reducing cost for the players and making it possible for substantially more players to break even. I have already outlined my ideas in my previous articles.

Please ITF. Try to take some immediate action. Look at social media. Players are hurting out there. Do not just call a committee meeting or ask for some more statistics that will take months to collect. Do something now.

Link to my article again here