It’s been a very busy few weeks of travel in South America, Asia and Europe. My most recent travels reminded me of the classic movie “Trains, Planes and Automobiles” with Steve Martin and John Candy. 

On Monday I flew from London to Zagreb for a meeting with Nikolina Babic, the President of the Croatian Federation, and  then took a three hour train from Zagreb to Ljubljana and met Tuesday with the Slovenian President Andrej Slaper.

I got back to London on Tuesday night and then headed to New York on Wednesday where I have a number of meetings arranged. I will attend the last few days of the US Open and am looking forward to seeing the conclusion of the junior and wheelchair tennis events and the two men’s semi-finals tonight and to the women’s final tomorrow.

 From New York, I will head on Monday to London and then on Wednesday I have the final leg of my Presidential campaign starting with a trip to Oslo and then meetings with a further 13 ITF National Association Presidents before the ITF AGM in Lisbon.

 It’s not all work and it’s always nice to meet up with old friends along the way, and on Monday I had dinner with my good friend Slovenian coach Ales Filipcic in the beautiful city of Ljubljana and last night met up with tennis coaching legend Doug MacCurdy for dinner in New York.