I have now travelled to over 50 countries since March.

It can get a bit tiring, especially as most of the travel is in economy with some upgrades with air miles for night flights. I try to stay fit doing some workout each day and one thing that has helped is Bikram Yoga which I have been practicing since my colleague Luca Santilli  introduced me to it in 2013.

I find studios in the places where I travel and in the past eight months have done bikram in over 20 cities – Paris, Prague, Rome, Budapest, Manila, Florianópolis, Miami, Hilton Head, Bangkok, Melbourne, Kiev, Moscow, and this week in Jakarta. The Jakarta studio is called Yoga 42 and is owned by a very nice Iranian, Eric, who I am pictured with. 

I landed last night from Jakarta and I will go to my studio in Wimbledon for a class tonight. It’s torture at times but I know it always helps me to recover.  Many top tennis players do hot yoga including John Isner , pictured below, who attended a class at my studio before the Wimbledon championships.