I had the chance to meet with the President of Madagascar Tennis Federation, Stephane Rakotondrainibe, for breakfast today at his beautiful house in Antananarivo.

We discussed many of the issues related to the past days but, more importantly, we discussed tennis and how the ITF can work better in the future for tennis globally and for the member federations like his. I appreciated him taking time to meet me. Even though I could not attend the CAT meetings, I could see that he and his team did a great job with the organisation of the AGM.8fc9a3a6-5f8a-4683-b0d5-2ad87e5d1d3c

Madagascar has a great tradition of tennis and it was amazing to meet his wife who was part of the strong Madagascar team that won the African Championships in Abidjan in 1991. The under 14 girls team later finished 3rd in the World Junior Tennis event in Japan in ’92. 1991 was my first time attending the African Championships. 

It’s not easy for nations like Madagascar to compete well in world tennis and the ITF has to find a way to do more to support the nations like Madagascar.

Stephane’s son now trains at the ITF East Africa training centre that I established in 2012. Hopefully a future tennis champion.