I am leaving Osaka, Japan, tonight having attended the World Group Fed Cup playoff match, Japan versus Netherlands.

I was honoured today to meet with the current JTA President,  Mr Kenichiro Yamanishi, the former CEO of Mitsubishi Electric. I also met with former JTA President, Mr Masaaki Morita, the former President of Sony Corporation, and Mr Haruo Tsuji, who was the former President of Sharp Electronics. Both are very experienced business and tennis leaders and it was interesting to listen to their views on tennis.

Japan won the match 4-0 and remain in the World Group 2 for 2020. My good friend Nao Kawatei organised the tie and he and his JTA team did a great job.

Prior to Japan, I  had the chance to transit for 24 hours in Beijing and to meet with the Vice Presidents of the Chinese Tennis Association. China is now the world’s biggest tennis market with 19.6 million players and is having considerable success in the area of player development. The WJT and Junior Fed Cup in Malaysia and Thailand also showed the overall improvement in  Asian tennis. It is growing fast at every level and every time I visit I feel the energy. 

It’s been an intensive 10 days but, as the saying goes…. ITS HARD TO HIT A MOVING TARGET! 

Certainly looking forward to being back home in London for a while.