I saw the new video released by the ITF related to Gender Equity in tennis and I wanted to congratulate the ITF and the Gender Equality Committee Chairman, Katrina Adams, for the great work they are doing to highlight areas where tennis should improve.

Establishing the committee was an excellent initiative by Dave Haggerty and I am sure it will make a big difference. I was always surprised by the low number of females working as tennis coaches and often spoke with coaches like Judy Murray about what could be done to improve the situation. 0-3.png

Judy and others involved with the Women’s Tennis Coaches Association are doing great work to encourage more females to take up coaching as it requires some out of the box thinking to change the situation.

I met in Melbourne in January with Belinda Colaneri, who is coach education manager at Tennis Australia, and was very impressed with the many proactive initiatives related to female coaches introduced by Tennis Australia including their decision to give 35 full scholarships to females coming onto their coaches courses. Tennis needs more of these types of programmes.