I was pleased to hear that ITF is considering 48 draw qualifying at 15K and 25K events and looking at ideas such as protected ranking. I congratulate the ITF circuits committees for being open to change and listening to the concerns of the many players, coaches and tournament organisers.

It was not a small number of uninformed speaking out as the recent ITF press release stated. It was over 12,000 real tennis people who were seeing what was actually happening. I have published 3 articles and also wrote to the ITF Board in February 2018 with my concerns and offering suggestions on how to achieve the original objectives of improved pathway, more players breaking even and less costs for organisers.

I think you need to have qualifying draws of between 48 and 64 draw especially in the USA where there are so many talented college players, with tournaments choosing which to use. To ease the pathway, the ATP Challengers need 16 draw qualifying instead of four.

The 2019 tour has the same prize money and draw size as 2018. There is a need to think outside the box to achieve the original objectives. Regional circuits, 4 day x16 player main draw events (with big qualifying) to double the prize money for the best players etc. There is a better way.

Congrats again to the committee members.