The last leg of my 6 week period in Asia is coming to a close and I am in Hong Kong attending the ITF Asian Coach Conference. 250+ coaches from 25 nations are in attendance.

It’s been a pleasure to be presenting along with some very experienced coaches including former coach of Carlos Moya, Jofre Porta, Irena Chichmarova, from Belarus, who has worked with top female players on ITF Junior Teams for the past 12 years, Frank Van Fraayenhoven who is currently National Coach in Indonesia and Tennis Australia’s Belinda Colaneri who manages theIr High Performance Coach Course.

It’s was also great to meet up with Hong Kong Tennis Federation President, Philip Mok, who is also on the Board of the ATF. He and his team, led by Greg Royle, have done a great job with the organisation along with ITF Development Officer Jonathan Stubbs and ITF’s Riaan Kruger.

Last day of the conference tomorrow and then it’s back to the winter in London.