I was amazed by the outcome of the ITF AGM that dealt with the new format of the Davis Cup.

It seems that the views of the former tennis greats went unheard. Yet on Thursday morning a professional footballer was able to address the presidents of 150+ tennis nations immediately prior to the vote and tell them what the format should be for the ITF’s most important team event-The World Cup of Tennis. And the meeting then approved what he suggested.

I cannot imagine a situation with Roger Federer addressing the FIFA AGM and telling them that they should play 60 minute matches instead of 90 minutes or that they should have 2 wild cards at the soccer World Cup for nations that do not qualify! Am I the only one that thinks this was strange and slightly surreal?!

For most of the top players , the off season will be reduced by over 3 weeks. How can that be good?!

Crazy world when the sport is driven too much by money and not driven enough by the best interests of the sport and taking sufficient notice of the views of former top tennis players and other experienced tennis people!